‘iTwin’ is a secure USB drive that has no limit on size of data. It works more or less like a USB drive with extended features. It is simply plug and play device that allows you to plug in and exchange data from anywhere to anywhere securely.

Here the question arrives: how does it differ from a USB device?

Well, there’s a big difference. An iTwin device has 2 parts and it works like 2 ends of a cable. It allows you to access data from anywhere in the world by connecting two computers through internet. You can plug in the iTwin device into one computer, then detach the half of it and transfer data by plugging it into another computer. It offers no limit on the transfer of data; the only limit is the speed of your internet connection. And the good part is that, your connection is secure.

Origin of the idea:

iTwin has been launched by a company named iTwin and made by an Indian ‘Lux Anantharaman’, who graduated from IIT Chennai in electronics engineering and pursued post graduation from IISc Bangalore. He has worked as a researcher at places then started working on the idea.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using iTwin:

We use USB Drives which have a fixed data size that we can use in data transfer. iTwin solves this problem of fixed data size. While using iTwin, you don’t need to worry about the size of data you want to manipulate. And if we talk about cloud storage, yes, that solves the problem of size of data storage to an extent, but it can have security and privacy issues. If someone cracks the password, he can have access to your documents and data. That way it can be misused if hacked. But iTwin solves this problem too. It offers complete security by the use of thoroughly analyzed protocols and algorithms.

So, it provides remote access, without the security and privacy risks of the cloud and USB drives.

Now, How do we use this device?

This is designed with the ease of use. You just plug in the whole device into a computer, you will get a regular pop-up in which you can drag and drop the files of your data to be loaded. After loading the data to transfer and detach the half part of it leaving the attached half part to the same computer. You attach the send part to the destination computer, where you require transferring the data. This provides you remote access to your data from your home or office to anywhere you take it.

Using the device, requirements:

To use this device, you may require to fulfill some software needs, like, broadband access, 2.0 USB port, 15 Mb hard disk spce and 512 Mb, 1GB RAM is also required.

It offers you some unique features, as follows:

1) Bidirectional access to files
once you have data on the drive, you can transfer it in either direction.

2) Virtual Cable
the two ends of the device acts like a virtual cable between two systems.

3) Password support
it supports every type of passwords and does not apply many restrictions. And if  you loose the password, you only have to plug both parts together then simply reset the password.

4) Key generation
each time the device is turned on, it generates a smart crypto key that stays between the two halves of drive.

5) Discarding temporary files
as soon as you plug in the device, all the temporary files are automatically deleted.

Overall, iTwin proves to be a solution to the security and privacy problems of the storage methodologies and provides a secure environment and a networking solution.

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