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Another Wave Of Disruption: Jio

Jio has become a synonym for the disruption in the market of communication, that too in a very constructive way. It has promoted a massive disrupting change in the market in the previous as well as the current year. As a blessing in disguise for the public, as it has led to a lot more changes in the market that brought a reduction in communication costs. The wave of Jio hasn’t even settled yet and it is already ready with a new surprise to bomb the market again. What it could be this time? Another revolutionary plan or something else?


Shares of Reliance Industries gained in early trade on Wednesday after the reports released that its subsidiary Reliance Jio is likely to launch the much awaited 4G VoLTE feature phone this month.


Previously Jio created a world record of subscribing 16 million users in its first month of launch. According to the latest reports the telecom venture has been a catalyst in India’s digital ecosystem. Now it is ready to shake the market with it’s new upcoming product. After a successful concept of jio sim, it has planned to launch a 4G VoLTE cell phone which more or less likely to be quoted at an unbelievable price as low as ₹500! With this phone, jio has even bigger plans to acquire more customers by encouraging more and more people to take a rift directly from 2G to 4G network. This is expected that it will most probably bring another favorable jerk in the existing cellular market. Moreover, the 4G Volte phone is expected to be launched in the following month only.


So brace yourselves jio users soon you’ll be having Jio all around you.

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